Kölle Alaaf!

Lasst uns zusammen den Beginn der 5. Jahreszeit in Köln feiern! Am 11.11 um genau 11:11 Uhr beginnt die neue Karnevalssaison und die ganze Stadt verwandelt sich in eine einzige riesige Partymeile. Wir führen euch zu den besten Party Spots der Stadt und beginnen dafür auf der Zülpicher Straße. Also setzt eurer Kreativität keine Grenzen, zieht euer Lieblingskostüm an und seid dabei! 


7:20 Uhr Treffen am Dortmunder Hbf auf Gleis 16 (halte nach der weißen ESN Flagge Ausschau)
Semesterticket und Ausweis mitbringen!
Wenn du Getränke mitnehmen möchtest, dann am besten in Dosen oder Plastikflaschen, da Glas innerhalb Kölns teilweise verboten sein wird

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Euer ESN Dortmund Team

English version

Kölle Alaaf! (traditional cheer to celebrate Köln/Cologne, you will hear it pretty often, if you join)

In Germany we have not only four, but five seasons! Winter, spring, summer, fall and - of course - Carnival! Carnival's season starts on the 11th of November exactly at 11:11am (and lasts until the middle of february). For that special occasion everybody dresses up in their craaaziest costumes and heads to Cologne/Köln which is known as Carnival's capital, then the entire city of Cologne turns into a huge party spot during the day, where people celebrate on the streets, listen to music, dance (all the clubs are open during the day), check out each others costumes and overall just have the best time. Don't worry, of course we will guide you through the city and show you the best spots. So do not miss out, dress up and join us for our Carnival's trip to Cologne!


We meet at 7:20AM! at the Dortmunder Hbf on platform 16 (watch out for the white ESN flag) Yes, we know it's early, but it's totally normal to go to Carnival in the morning and it's absolutely worth it. Don't forget your Semesterticket and ID!

If you want to bring some beverages with you, please keep in mind that glass bottles are not allowed in the center of Cologne (cans and plastic are fine).

We're looking forward to an awesome day with you!

Your ESN Dortmund Team

11/11/2018 - 07:15