You want to see more from NRW and another student city? You want to know new places to go in your free time? Then come to our City Tour through Bochum on Thursday 23rd September 🥳
We meet at 4pm at Dortmund main train station. From there we'll ride the train to Bochum, otherwise you can join us at 5 pm at Bochum main train station. We will visit some important places in the city and afterwards we will go to the famous Bermuda3eck!🔥💥
We will share the live Location here in this group so that you can find us anytime.
❗Since we expect a lot of people to come you must bring a negative Corona test if you are not fully vaccinated or recovered!❗
📍 Where: Dortmund main train station (4pm) or Bochum main train station (5pm).
🕖 When: Thursday, 23rd September, 4pm
We hope to see a lot of you,
Your ESN Dortmund Team 🤩
23/09/2021 - 16:00