Do not forget your camera when you visit this beautiful historic city. We will show you the best places and give you some insider tips. We have a plan for bad, good and awesome weather!

For example:
- Prinzipalmarkt, Historisches Rathaus, Aasee, Stadtmuseum, Schloss, Dom, etc.
MEETING 11:30 at Dortmund HBF 
(Close to Info-Point. Watch out for the white ESN flag) 
DEPARTURE: 11:54 from track 8
No registration required.The guided tour takes around 2hrs, but there is so much to see. No special time for return is planned. 
Münster has a great nightlife so prepare to party until sunrise and not get home before sunday afternoon. 
Join us and you will have a great time in the lovely student city Münster. Hope to see you! 
01/04/2017 - 11:30