ESN Dortmund is aiming to help, support and integrate exchange students during their time in Dortmund. Furthermore we are also a platform for students from Dortmund, that went on exchange, that offers making and sharing of experiences with other exchange students.


We are introducing ourselves and the planned program to the Erasmus students during the orientation week. Making their start at the new university as easy as possible, we help the new students socialising with each other and getting to know Germany and German culture during various events in Dortmund. For example visiting different museums (Bergbaumuseum Bochum, Ruhrmuseum Essen) for creating a reference with the region Ruhrgebiet that Dortmund is in, Pub crawls and frequently cometogethers.


We are also offering trips to e.g. Berlin, Bonn, Aachen and other cities, to give the students the opportunity getting to know other Regions of Germany. Those trips are usually organized together with other ESN sections for creating a perfect program.


Integrating local students from Dortmund into the ESN program to facilitate experience exchange is another job of ESN Dortmund. This happens with the help of information days and talks. More events that are planned for local and Erasmus students are: international BBQ / dinner, trips by bike, football tournaments and many others.


We are cooperating with the international office of the TU Dortmund to integrate Erasmus students from the very start. Our Events are advertised with the help of handouts and the social network Facebook. Internationals and locals don’t forget to like our page and join our facebook group for being up to date on our events!


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